Friday, November 6, 2015

Family Pics Labor Day 2015

We took our family pictures at Detroit Lake this year. I feel like I already posted these but for some reason they aren't on the blog so I am posting them just in case. The tree stumps and foundations are from the town that used to be there before the dam was built and flooded it. The water is really low right now so most of it is exposed. Cool place for pics!

This is why we took pics before playing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

10 year Anniversary Trip 2015

For our 10 year anniversary we decided to hike Tam McArthur Rim in central Oregon. Caleb's parents watched the kids while we did that and stayed at a hotel. It was a great weekend.

The drop off you see in the background is where we hiked to...and then about a mile past it for "fun"

A snow pack we found toward the top

Sisters mountains and broken top

Tam McArthur Rim and three creeks lake

Down town river walk

Why does my daughter have a lion's mane?

Daxon's Bday 2015

The Pinata

The Cakes

Making a water blob

It didn't take long for them to poke lots of holes in it.

Summertime and beach trips 2015

Ok these are some pictures I took of Caleb. I just wanted some nice pics of him....He really isn't in to modeling....this was him after 3 pictures!

Some random nice pics of Dax too...except for the tank top :)

Beach trip July 4th weekend 2015

Beach Trip with Reuben (Caleb's brother) Aug 2015